Animal Assisted Therapy and Interventions


We are able to offer interventions with our own therapy dog team and horses.  

We use AAT with dogs, small animals or ponies in either 1:1 therapy or coaching sessions, or as a group.


Some of our  AAI interactions are based around dog agility to raise self-esteem and give children and young people and families an afternoon of fun and purpose using the therapeutic dog team.


We also offer visits to people who are unable to have their own pets or would find it therapeutic to spend time with animals.  

This can include vists to nursing homes and people in assisted living accomodation.


This DOES NOT simply mean the therapist bringing their ‘pet’ into the therapy process


BUT involves carefully established clinical goals, identifiable methodology, risk assessments 
and specialised training.


Animal-assisted therapy can be beneficial to the counselling process (Gammonley, et al., 2000). The presence of the animal can facilitate a trust-building bond between the therapist and client. The animal relieves some tension and anxiety of therapy and interacting with the animal is entertaining and fun. Talking to the animal while the therapist listens is easier than talking to the therapist for the more difficult issues. Also, animals often help clients focus on an issue as they interact with the animal.





  • 1:1 intervention £58 per session 

(plus travel costs outside 10 mile radius of Crewe)

  • Small group (up to 8) £98 per session

(plus travel costs outside 10 mile radius of Crewe)

If your needs differ from the above then please get in touch so we can look at how we can help.

Why AAT?

AAT is just one of the many forms of Animal Assisted Interactions (AAI) that is being applied in a variety of health and social care settings to access, amongst others, the physical, psychological and emotional benefits than have been evidenced.


  • AAI can also be very effective for Children with ASD and ADHD as it can increase the attention span and have a positive calming effect and help with social interaction.  

  • AAI can be extremely effective in interventions  for Autism as animal offer a powerful multi-sensory stimulus that counteracts the low sensory and affective arousal levels.

  •  Animals provide spontaneous behavioural responses which are simple and easy for children to interpret.

  • AAT/AAI releases endorphins (oxytocin) that have a calming effect for children and young people that struggle with emotional dysregulation.

  • This can help the children and young people we work with to restructure their emotional response, thus access whole brain learning. This is done through physical and emotional experiences with the dogs and ponies, engaging the sensitive limbic region of the brains mammalian centre and the automatic nervous system.

  • Such work requires a ‘trusting relationship’ which is helped by our dogs and ponies working as co-therapists and co-regulators of emoAAT/AAI helps children focus better, provides non-stressful, non-judgmental environment and increases self-confidence.

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