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Therapeutic Stories:

Therapeutic stories are aimed at helping a child with a problem area.

Creative Action Teams books can be found below.


Please contact us on if you would like to purchase a copy of our stories.


  • The Littlest Deer £6.00
    A book to help children with anxiety.
    'Dexter is a little deer that worries about everything,
    can he find someone to help him with his many fears and worries?'

  • The Big Tree £6.00
    A book to help children with loss and death.
    Why does Nutty feel so sad?
    Who can help her to feel safe again as she struggles with her loss?

  • The Mean Dragon £6.00
    Follow the story of the three brave mice, who want to stand up to the bullying dragon!  Children can choose their own ending to this story, making an ideal book for group work and projects.



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