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What we offer:

At Creative Action Team we are delighted to offer bespoke Education Otherwise Than At School (EOTAS) and Alternative Provision packages for children and young people who are currently unable to attend full time education.

We understand that not all children thrive in the traditional classroom environment and that various factors such as social, emotional or medical needs can make it difficult for them to access education in a traditional setting.


For some children, they may just need a small amount of their week in a smaller and more personalised environment to help support their needs. 

Our alternative provision is a safe and nurturing environment for children to gain support for their mental health, continue their education, develop their skills and achieve goals.

We work according to each individual's needs and interests and provide tailored packages of education and therapy (including animal assisted play therapy).

Included in our educational packages can be access to the AQA Unit Award Scheme which recognises and rewards achievements and progress in a wide variety of subjects.

We offer engaging and interest based learning that works towards supporting the young persons goals and interests.

Educational and social trips can also be accommodated as part of the package if desired and we frequently visit areas of interest such as Chester Zoo, Jodrell Bank and a wide variety of other local attractions.

We know that a lot of learning happens beyond the classroom and like to make use of outdoor spaces, both here at Creative Action Team and other places locally such as the forest, park and every day environments too.

Our team of dedicated professionals work closely with each child and their family to build positive relationships and understand their unique needs so we can tailor their education and support accordingly.

Our staff are all qualified as teachers and therapists who are very experienced with children and young people with a range of needs; we are trauma informed and neurodiversity positive practitioners.

We are proud to work with the local council and local schools to offer successful packages of support for children and young people.

Our sessional fees are 

£65 per hour.

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