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Professional Support and Training


What we cover in Training Sessions:

  • Neuroscience - How trauma, neglect and abuse
    impacts a child development and ability to learn.


  • Attachment - Learn about the main attachments
    styles, how to identify these styles in children
    through their behaviour with peers, adults and in
    the classroom and how to build healthy attachments
    with informative case studies.


  • My stuff, your stuff – Help for the Helper
    Self-care strategies for managing stress and
    vicarious trauma when working with children with
    complex needs.


  • Animal Assisted Therapies - The benefits of animal
    assisted interventions.
    Dogs in schools have become
    increasingly popular to help children with anxiety and
    confidence. Understanding the ethical implications to
    working with animals and children.


We can run training sessions throughout Cheshire and North Staffordshire.  



Please contact us for further information and costs

Our training styles is a mixture of theory and experiential with a focus on creative fun. 


Please talk to us about any other training requirement you may have.

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